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IR24REC-1 IR Illuminator

PIE and Haunted Destinations Texas are always looking for new ways to enhance our investigative experiences and techniques, including building some of our own equipment, below we discuss a new invention from one of our own investigators, Jeff Kreuger has developed a new IR light that we are now using in our investigations.

From Jeff

The IR24REC-1 IR Illuminator is a 24x 850nm wavelength infrared LED light designed specifically for use with Sony Night-shot capable camcorders. It is powered by 4 Energizer lithium ion batteries and has a calculated battery life of 16 to 18 hours. Initial testing at the Olle Hotel showed that the light remained fully operational and at 100% illumination for 9 hours of continuous usage in both static and non-static situations. After reviewing the video footage only minimal electrical problems were seen (flickering) and no battery fatigue was observed over the entire 9 hours of usage. While I consider the first light a complete success I plan to make a second IR light in a different configuration of LEDs and with a more reliable wiring scheme.

I will follow-up on this review once I have the second prototype built.

Jeff Krueger

Initial Prototype Breadboard assembly

Initial Prototype Breadboard assembly

Final assembled PCB with battery pack

Final assembled PCB with battery pack


PCB Mounted on the camera - Right-Rear view


PCB Mounted on the Camera - Front View

Now lets take a look at our results

Camcorder IR

The image above is a demonstrational shot of the standard camera IR, very dark and hard to see due to a single Infra-Red LED emitter.


This image above is a demonstrational shot of the same scene using a SONY HVL-IRM, notice how it only illuminates a small area of the scene?

Jeff Light

This image above is a demonstrational shot using our new IR24REC-1, notice how much of the scene is illuminated by our new IR innovation? It is much brighter with more of a flood pattern than the SONY HVL-IRM.

We have been very happy with the performance of our new IR24REC-1 IR Illuminator and look forward to the new revisions, keep them coming Jeff!

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