Haunted Destinations Texas
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Haunted Destinations Texas
Episode List
Episode 3: Gonzales Courthouse
Episode 5: The Return To Gonzales
Episode 6: Private Residence
Episode 7: Cobblestone Upstairs/Downstairs Antiques
Episode 8: Hill House Manor
Episode 9: Black Swann Inn
Episode 10: The Return To The Olle Hotel
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Episode 10: The Return To The Olle Hotel
False evidence with the KII meter.
Ghost Hunting Texas a Field Guide
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Haunted Destinations: Texas is a new series of filmed documentaries that feature a group of Paranormal Investigators (aka. Ghost Hunters) as they research the supernatural at various hauntings in Texas. The group is based out of Austin, Texas and episodes air on YouTube as well as on a local public access television broadcast. As a paranormal investigator each of them uses scientific tech devices and equipment such as voice recorders and K-II (K2) meters to capture evidence of the paranormal. The real evidence they capture includes pictures and video of ghosts and spirits as well as disembodied audio recordings called EVP. While the show has a horror theme there are no violent situations and is recommended for viewers ages 10+.
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